Artivity Project: A Semantic Desktop for Capturing the Creative Process

We are thrilled to announce that we are currently working on an exciting Open Source project called Artivity. The goal is to create a tool which automatically captures the digital creation process of artwork and its context. This information documents the used techniques as well as the sources of inspiration and thus tells the story of how an art piece was created.

Our first steps will be to extract the usage data from Inkscape and push it to the Zeitgeist Framework so it can be displayed in the GNOME Activity Journal. As the raw data will be pretty meaningless, we will need to apply some metrics to make some assertions about the used methods. At later stages we want to expand support to different tools like GIMP or Blender.

The resulting data will be exported to a CIDOC-CRM compatible format. We are currently evaluating how to expand the ontology with concepts used in the creation of digital artworks (e.g. create a rectangle, move an object to a different layer).

This project is a collaboration between the University of the Arts London and Semiodesk GmbH. If you are interested visit our project page or our Bitbucket repository.

Semiodesk GmbH: Open for Business

Semiodesk has successfully completed the transition to a GmbH corporate form. We’re now a corporation with limited liability and officially listed in the german trade register. This is an important step in the development of our company and means more legal stability and security for us and our clients.

Now, we are back at doing what we do best: work with passion on our projects. If you have a project inquiry or any questions regarding our new legal status, don’t hesitate to contact us.