Your Linked Data solution provider.

We offer software consulting services for public and private sector projects.


An interative development process and accurate planning are key success factors in software product development. With our experience in modern development methods we can help you reduce risks which may endanger the scheduled delivery of a product. Having the details specified at the right depth and at the right time is crucial for a successful planing. Only by being prepared, you can be aware of possible impediments, track project progress and still remain agile about your goals.


Our team of award-winning software developers is scientifically qualified and has long term practical experience. We provide our customers and partners a high degree of professionalism and a broad spectrum of knowledge. For extensive projects we do not only produce code but also unit tests and documentation to ensure maintainability at all development stages. On demand, we're happy to publish our source code on public source code repositories such as GitHub or Bitbucket.


No empty promises: There will almost always be complications as soon as a software product is develivered to users. Therefore, fast response times are essential for a healthy customer relationship. In most cases, we are able to resolve issues within 24 hours after notification. Because we alwayas create unit tests during the development of larger projects, we can ensure that solved issues will not arise again.



  • Software architecture
  • Semantic data modelling
  • UX- & Interaction design


  • Agile development process
  • Short feedback cycles
  • Cross-platform desktop, mobile or web apps
  • Enterprise .NET backend
  • Multiple frontend technologies

Quality Assurance

  • Usability Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Documentation
  • Deployment
  • Support


Top Quality

We only produce software that meets our high standards in terms of code quality, extensibility and usability. A highly iterative development process with short customer-feedback loops and the use of proven design patterns is the foundation of our work.

On Schedule

Realistic planning is the essential requirement for being able to deliver larger projects within a given timeframe. Our experience helps us to foresee possible impediments and to keep the planning effort within reasonable boundaries. This is how we can offer you the best blend of cost effectiveness and planning certainty.

Within Budget

To keep the develoment costs for a project within boundaries, it is essential to identify the functions of a minimum viable product and devliver those with maximum priority. A highly iterative development process with short customer feedback cycles allows us to continuously extend the product while maintaining full cost-control.


If you have any questions, dont' hesitate to ask. Simply write us an e-mail or call us on the phone during our office hours.